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Do you have an investment property?? This is for you

Did you know 81% of Australian property investors are not claiming full tax deductions!

"Depreciation provides immediate cash flow returns on investments." - Robert Kiyosaki. 'Retire Young, Retire Rich'

If you have an investment property, it can be depreciated. Think of it as 'wear and tear'. Houses, units and commercial properties all qualify. Even older properties can be depreciated.

By using FULL Tax Depreciation Schedule complied by an ATO recognized Quantity Surveyor, investors like you are claiming back thousands of legitimate tax dollars back on their investments each year, conserving cash flow and safe guarding their future.

Your Schedule can even be backdated so you can claim up to 4 years of 'lost' depreciation.


  1. Make a booking through Depreciator by phoning 1300 66 00 33
  2. Depreciator will collect some basic information about your property
  3. Depreciator will arrange access to the property with your agent and/or tenant. Our ATO recognized Quantity Surveyors measure the building, estimate construction cost and record ALL depreciable items. (This is the most accurate method)
  4. Then Depreciator will take all this information and compile a comprehensive report for you and your accountant that details exactly how much deprecation you are entitled to every year for the next 20 years.

For more information, contact our office today and request a depreciator brochure be sent to you or visit DEPRECIATOR online - you have nothing to loose!