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Title Information:

Victorian "Certificate of Title"

A new look Certificate of Title as from November 2004 has been issued with improved security features, using the latest technology.

The new security features, which includes watermarks, a hologram, a thermocromic icon and control number, aim to further minimize the possibility of fraud, making Victoria's Certificate of Title even more secure.

A Certificate of Title is a customer's record of interests and rights effecting their land. It is issued by the 'Registrar of Titles' to the person entitled to possession of it (usually the owner or mortgagee).

It is evidence of all registrations and recordings made in the Register at the time and date of the creation of the Certificate.

The registration in the Register have a Government Guarantee. The existing Certificate of Titles are still valid and there will be no additional costs or charges for the new look certificate.

The following are a list of some of the Security Features:


The hologram, which is a 3 dimensional image, will change slightly when you move the paper. It will reveal a map of Australia with a symbol in the middle

Thermocromic Icon

This blue seal is a termocromic image. If you gently rub the icon it will momentarily disappear and then reappear, meaning you are holding an authentic certificate.

Eagle Watermark

An authentic watermark with a series of eagles can be seen across the full length of the paper when you hold it up to the light.

Certificate of Title

On the reverse side of the paper the words "Certificate of Title" are printed vertically in blue on the left and right hand sides.

Control Number

The inclusion of a unique control number will make it possible to track the certificate if it is known to be lost or stolen. This number is in addition to the Volume/Folio number.

Warning Band

On the reverse side of the paper a warning band describes the operation of the thermocromic icon